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Welcome to our new website. Learn more about it. This is still a work in progress, so please let us know what you think.
Welcome to Health’s new website. Learn more about it.


Components are reusable widgets which allow editors to build flexible pages which contain a variety of rich content and functionality. Convivial ships with a standard set of components which have been designed to suit may of the common requirements of Government sites.

Expandable and contractible content which is shown/hidden by clicking a title.


Include custom HTML, CSS and JS on a page.

For displaying numerical data. Colours and axis labels can be customized as needed.

Content is simply a section of HTML content editable by a WYSIWYG editor.

Content tabs display content in an accessible manner with a tabbed interface.

Displays animated statistics counters to users, conveying essential information quickly and clearly.

Item List paragraph displays a list of items with many display options. Item Lists also have custom images and support for icons, making them more flexible than Node Lists.


The Map component overlays geographical data on a map. It allows multiple data sources to be rendered from GeoJSON data as text or from a URL.

The National Map component overlays geographical data onto a National Map map instance. Data can be stored as JSON or pulled in from a URL.

A Node List allows you to display links to Nodes on the site in a flexible way with a variety of View Modes and Layouts.

A section allows you to layout content into columns. One section can provide a common background for multiple components.

Social share icons can be provided in different styles.

Display cards in a vertical timeline grouped by date.
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